First Project in Android

First Project in Android

1. Goto Eclipse,then
2. File --> New--> Android Project
3. Project Name : MyFirstAndroidProject (Create new Project in workspace) ,Then Next,
4. Check Android2.2 and next
5. Don't Change Application name,
   Package name : com.jeeth.examples.myfirstandroidproject
   Then Press Finish.

Then goto, Package Explorer on the left side of IDE. Just Like the Screen Shot below.

Then right click on the project, and select 'Run as'--> 'Android Application'

Now Android emulator will appears, it will take some time to start, And your screen should be like the image below.

Here source code is in the folder 'src', and the interface main.xml is in the folder 'res-->layout'.
Any images should be kept inside drawable folder.

And the AndroidManifest.xml is  one of the important file. Activity , permissions, application name, icon and everything for the application should be mentioned in that file.

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